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About Mimamoru

Founder Heiji Fujimori

Mimamoru Founder: Heiji Fujimori


Born in Tokyo in 1949, Fujimori began working at a primary school and based on experience of architecture and education. He went on to open ‘Seiga Nursery School’ in Hachioji city in Tokyo in 1979 and ‘Seiga no Mori Nursery School’ (along with Childcare Support Centre ‘Wakuwaku’ in Tama New Town in Hachioji city in 1997. Through these facilities, he advocated and strove for dissemination of ‘21st Century type Childcare’ incorporating his new outlook on childcare gained from long hands-on experience as a teacher. He continues his efforts to share his concept of “Mimamoru Childcare” and is currently the Principal of Shinjuku Seiga Nursery School, Guest Lecturer at Nitobebunka Junior College, Representative of Childcare Environment Research Institute-Giving Tree and Trustee of the Talent Development Education and Research Foundation.


「HOIKU~Japanese Childcare Method」(ジェイキャスト)など