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CEO Message

代表取締役 水野雄太

CEO  Jack Mizuno

Since my family business was running nursery schools, I had the opportunity to listen to stories about nursery schools from a very early age, and sometimes I would go to the nursery school and enjoy interacting with even smaller children. However, when I graduated from college and I did something totally different from childcare, it was natural that I had a bit of distance from childcare and the nursery school environment. Without knowing about childcare, I thought nursery school was just a place to take care of children temporarily while I was at work. In fact, I thought this when I sent my own child to nursery school.
However, the image was dispelled when I encountered Professor Heiji Fujimori’s Watch, Wait and Respond-Mimamoru Childcare. I discovered that nursery schools were important places not only to take care of children but also to Educate them. I found out that there is a lot we can do for children during their infancy and early childhood. Watch, Wait and Respond-Mimamoru Childcare is packed with necessities and allows children to develop. It is an ideal Childcare-HOIKU that believes in children's potential and aims to enable them to move forward independently. More specifically, childcare allows children to get involved, imitate each other, eventually have a conversation, help each other, teach each other, and grow together.
In the near future, some employment may be replaced by AI and robots, which will reduce the focus on cognitive skills. Under such circumstances, it is said that it will become increasingly important to work with the non-cognitive skills that are unique to humans. It has also been found that many of these "non-cognitive abilities” reach a peak of development during infancy (Source: Dr. Clyde Heartzman). The development of emotional suppression, which controls your feelings and means one does not give up easily, is expected to peak between just 9 months and 18 months old. Social development is expected to peak between 24 months and 36 months old. This assists in working in collaboration with others, which is also important for adult life. Watch, Wait and Respond-Mimamoru Childcare includes many mechanisms to improve those non-cognitive skills.
I am happy to have found such a wonderful childcare approach. At the same time, I am keen to provide children all around the world with this “Watch, Wait and Respond-Mimamoru Childcare.
CEO  Jack Mizuno